Covid19 Acrylic Divider

Acrylic Panel Divider

The clear acrylic panel divider is an effective and secure solution whether you use it in the office or any other public place. It provides a protected environment for the business’s employees and the customers present on its premises. In addition, our top-quality acrylic divider has sanitary equipment that ensures complete social distancing. You can use this fantastic product for your organization as it restricts the spread of covid-19, especially when you have a large organization with multiple employees.

Heat Office offers various acrylic and transparent plexiglass barriers to its valuable customers at the most affordable rates. No Drill required.

Why Choose Us

Here’s why choosing our acrylic divider is the best choice;

  • Made up of premium quality acrylic with better ductility
  • Safer and lighter in weight
  • Dividers have no sharp corners
  • Can slip right into the desk or shelf

So, whether you are looking for an acrylic divider for your employees, food court, or customer, we have everything for you.

Our Specialized Plexiglass Protection Panel

At Heat Office, we offer specialized or custom-made plexiglass panels according to the clients’ needs and requirements. For instance, we can design a panel that fits well in your conference room. Likewise, our acrylic divider for the food court or canteen can be customized per the client’s preferences. These dividers are available in various colors, and you can replace plexiglass with wood or any other material.

You can reach out to us anytime if you have any specific requirements because our expert team is always available to design customized furniture for you.



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