10 Signs Its Time to Buy New Office Furniture

by | May 20, 2022 | Office Furniture

Your office is a masterpiece, not just a showpiece. Redesigning your office is the finest attainment to show to all. Just a minor fix on the desks and chairs in the office can create a different world for your employees.

The decision to buy new office furniture is generally put off repeatedly. Typically, most business owners overlook the decision because they assume their office furniture still functions properly. According to them, it is futile to buy a new office desk if it can hold a computer without any problem. Also, if the drawers open and close quickly without creating a weird noise, they shouldn’t be replaced anytime soon. The coffee table in the break room contains some rings, but no issue as it can still hold a coffee mug.

However, business owners must know that the workplace has changed drastically over the past few years. Therefore, a comfortable and well-designed workspace is trendy as it makes your employees feel relaxed during their working hours.

So, don’t you think you need to replace your cracked desk with a new one? Or think about changing your breakroom coffee table as the office’s breakroom deserves some gratifying changes.

This article will delve into some common signs of upgrading your office furniture. But before that, let’s discuss the expected lifespan of office furniture.

Expected Lifespan of Office Furniture

Whether you have bought top-quality furniture for your office or used second-hand furniture, one thing is sure it wears out with time. Nevertheless, the expected lifespan of commercial furniture is around 10 years. Interestingly, cubicles and desks can be used a little longer, but ergonomic chairs must be replaced every five years as your employees use them daily.

Comfort is a key priority, and you must focus on it at any cost. Unfortunately, according to the research findings by Allwork, only 24% of US employees work in an optimal environment. That’s why; you need to make sure that your employees enjoy working in your office. Therefore, it is preferable to change your office chairs ASAP if they create discomfort for the employees.

When to Buy New Office Furniture?

If you truly intend to build a powerful image for your business in the market, you need to prioritize its aesthetic. So, take out an outdated commercial space and give it a chic and classy look with premium-quality and reliable furniture.

Do you want to know when it’s the right time to buy new furniture for your workplace?

Here’s what we have for you.

1.      Wear and Tear

The visible signs of wear and tear make it evident that your outdated office furniture requires some tremendous changes. In addition, if your clients and employees can notice worn furniture when they walk through your office, you must think about replacing the damaged furniture to avoid further embarrassment.

No denial, retaining and recruiting new employees isn’t a simple procedure, and worn furniture can curb newly recruited employees and spur them to quit their jobs.

If you designed an innovative and contemporary workplace for the employees, your office furniture needs to match it.

You can quickly fix and repair some basic things. Additionally, give main preference to regular maintenance as it keeps your furniture functioning for a longer time. But if things are going out of hand and repairs go beyond greasing drawers and tightening bolts, then upgrading your office furniture is the best option to contemplate.

Furthermore, if you don’t remember when you changed your office furniture last time, scratches and chips on your conference table indicate the right time to buy new furniture.

2.    Outdated or Mismatched

Maybe you can’t observe any visible signs of wear and tear on your office furniture but staying in your office feels like a trip to a time when pagers and mainframes were quite trendy. It’s alright if you like the retro look otherwise you need to buy new office furniture according to ongoing trends. It becomes more necessary to upgrade your office furniture more often when you are running an innovative business.

If you are successfully running your business for more than a decade then there is a great probability that you already have won customer loyalty. Conversely, if you have recently started your business then you might have furnished your office according to modern trends and styles. Newbie companies need to assure the availability of desks, chairs, and cubicles of all employees. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find the same style furniture for your office that gives a patchwork quilt look to offices. That’s why; buying new furniture is the best way to keep a consistent and neat look to your workplace.

3.     Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

Your company’s branding leaves an everlasting impression on everyone. That’s why; make sure it is reflected everywhere from your reception desk to the breakroom table. Nowadays, employees and clients judge your company within 2-3 minutes they walk through the door. In those 2-3 minutes they don’t even ask about the services you offer, but they will see the office furniture you have used for your company.

So, if you have recently started your rebranding campaign with a new vision and mission statement then upgrading your office furniture according to your brand has become important for you.

Remember; if you can’t invest your money in upgrading office furniture, you can never make the desired impact you were hoping for.

4.     Obstructs Efficiency

You must be thinking how office furniture affects your employees’ productivity?

Let’s start with comfort. If your office chairs aren’t comfortable then they can disturb your employees. They can’t sit on those chairs for a longer time and won’t be performing at their best.

Sit-stand desks, ergonomics chairs, and natural lighting can create considerable difference. You need to upgrade them especially when you observe your employees aren’t giving their 100% and don’t feel motivated.

5.      Moving to a New Place

If you are shifting your office or moving to a new space then it’s the best time to leave your old furniture behind and buy something classy. Change can make your employees more excited and they can perform well in a healthy environment with upgraded furniture.

So, don’t waste your time packing and moving your old furniture. Look for some ongoing trends and update your new space according to your brand and employees’ expectations.

6.     Aiming to Impress Your Clients

‘First impression is the last impression’.

Indeed, meeting your clients in a café or restaurant is pretty normal these days. But have you ever tried thinking about some other reasons behind it? Maybe, your office space looks tedious or too old fashioned for your clients.

Therefore, you must understand the likes and dislikes of your clients as it’s the key to take your business to new heights. Design your office space according to your clients’ interest as it will help you maintain long-term relationships with them.

7.     To Maintain Safety Standards

Not every time you need to upgrade your commercial space for aesthetic reasons. Mostly, you need to take such steps to maintain safety and health standards for your employees, clients and everyone who works in your office.

So, if you see any damaged furniture or wear & tear then think about fixing the issue in the first place. Your employees need a healthy environment to perform well. Comfortable and ergonomic office furniture makes them mentally and physically fit.

Therefore, give preference to safety and health standards and change your office furniture more often.

8.      One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Of course, no one wants to hide in a dark, dirty place. Just because break room furniture must be useful and adaptable does Flexibility is the key. Nowadays, customized office furniture is designed according to the preferences of the employees. So, remember one size doesn’t fit all and you need to invest in modern office furniture to provide the best and most comfortable environment to your employees.

For instance, use chairs that are customized in height with the better choice of armrests. It is recommended to order customized furniture after considering the needs of all of your employees carefully.

9.      You Feel Confident

You don’t need to worry about impressing your clients when you have upgraded your office furniture according to the latest trends and your clients’ requirements. Once you have furnished your office furniture according to recent trends, you feel more confident about accepting new challenges and opportunities. You can invite more clients and guests to your office to promote your brand to its fullest.

10. Value of Money

Don’t you think buying a premium quality and updated furniture for your commercial space is a sensible decision?

Surely, it is!

Indeed, no business owner wants to spend money in repairing damaged office furniture over and over again. It only happens when you furnish your working area with cheap furniture.

So, value your money and invest in top-quality and customized furniture. It’s the best investment and you don’t need to buy or change furniture after some time.

Let Your Office Furniture Make an Everlasting Impression

Undeniably, there are endless reasons to buy new office furniture including value of money, to maintain health standards, and to upgrade outdated furniture etc.

Gladly, you can get premium-quality, customized and reasonable office furniture from Heat Office Furniture. Therefore, think about renovating your office for better and positive change.

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