Metal Filing Cabinet

Office Metal Cabinet Furniture Supplier & Manufacturer Singapore

We supply & design a wide range of office metal cabinets with various storage options.

It is easy to find the best metal cabinet with us. Every office needs a metal cabinet with drawers and metal filing cabinets. You can organize and protect your files and properties. After providing our services for more than a decade, we are confident that you will get the best from us. By providing numerous storage options, we design and supply various office metal cabinets. 

We guaranteed you:

Office cabinets are essential for any office as they can store crucial files, documents, and office supplies. By looking at features, you can easily choose and see why we are the best. We guaranteed you:

  1. Smooth Drawer Rails with our ultra-heavy duty ball bearing so that you can easily access your files in cabinets.  
  2. Anti-Tilt Safety Device Mechanics so that only one cabinet is open at a time and you can ensure employees safety. 
  3. Smooth Finish both external and internal 

We manufactured our cabinets by using high-quality steel, so it is durable. Our metal cabinets and furniture are well suited for schools, offices, staff rooms, clinics, etc. We offer you a wide range of customized materials such as metal filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers, Horizontal Plan, Mobile Pedestal, Mechanical Compacts, Storage Lockers / Boltless Racking, etc. You will find top-quality cabinets at us for fulfilling your office needs. 


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