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As a top producer of commercial furniture, Heat Office is committed to helping clients design pleasant and environmentally friendly workspaces. We do this by providing thorough solution recommendations based on a variety of products and tailored alternatives.

It provides a vast selection of modern and personalized office furniture. home and office furniture. To a wide range of unique clients in the corporate sector, we offer complete production solutions. So, Heat Office is a crucial member of a network of businesses committed to excellence in the furniture production niche.

Our product line is ergonomically created, and it has been demonstrated that it boosts productivity by promoting healthy blood flow and by reducing the risk of back pain through ideal lumbar support. It has demonstrated the ability to stop severe damage such as backbone disk slides.





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Efficiency is impacted by issues like a sore back from prolonged sitting or a head rush from working for hours. Since your job is fully dependent on these elements, we can guarantee an increase in staff productivity and the prevention of back pain. Our chair series is made to place the body in such a way as to allow for correct spinal posture while working and, as a result, allow it to perform best. Heat Office is flexible and adaptable, and customization is possible for workstations, desks, and table extensions. They support cost-conscious businesses in keeping up with the pace of development and work demands wherever they are.

Singapore’s Leading Brand of High-End Office and School Furniture

Heat Office Furniture pioneered the manufacturing of ergonomics and exclusive office and school furniture design. The office furniture range has been carefully designed and crafted to create a comfortable and productive environment for the employees at their workplace. Products are continuously being progressed and modernized to meet all the key requirements of modern and trendy office furniture. We realize the significance of creating a comfortable workspace for the employees as poorly designed furniture causes body pain and negatively affects employees’ performance. That’s why; it is imperative to create a healthy environment for the employees by offering them quality furniture. Additionally, we offer premium quality furniture for schools and educational institutes. We are not only known for the nature of items but also for maintaining long-term and collaborative terms with valuable clients.

Find Furniture for Every Space and Setting

We have the best quality office tables, chairs, metal filing cabinets, office workstations, office privacy booth meeting pod, and school furniture at the most affordable and cost-effective rates. Our furniture is always ready to provide convenience to customers. We offer incomparable services to clients and get optimal satisfaction for them. In case of any complaint, we try our best to resolve the customer’s issue without delay. We strive to provide an excellent experience to customers. Currently, our name is considered one of Singapore’s renowned and reliable furniture companies.


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Compact Workstations Custom for your Office Layout



Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 

From wood selection, cutting, drilling, moisture control, assembly, to even the packaging, we don’t leave anything to chance.

Call us now for a free on site floor plan and measurement of your office furniture today !

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