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To keep the environment of a busy office calm and silent, office pods play an essential role. These pods are specially designed to keep the calls and conversation private. By using these pods, no one can hear another person’s word as these pods are soundproof material to keep your office workflow daily. Calls and meetings are usually in the daily routine of the office, but they also disturb people who are working around. To solve the issue, office pods are essential as it gives employees comfort and privacy to talk in private. Companies can save costs by using office pods as they are easy to install and remove according to employees’ needs. 

In the worst situation of Covid-19, offices also have a risk of transmitting the virus to one another, but to lower the risk of transmission, privacy pods are the best alternative to open desks. It can be easily installed, removed, and moved as they are not fixed to floors. Pods block the harmful transmission through cough, sneeze, and talk and can easily be cleaned.

All our PODs are fully customizable in terms of space and function, you can also inquire into additional technical applications and further additions.


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