10 Tips for Choosing the Right Office Break Room Furniture

by | May 18, 2022 | Office Furniture

Who likes friendly chit chats, healthy gossips and football match updates over the lunch break in a comfortable setting? Well, everybody!

The break room is perceived as the most relaxing area of any workplace. It is a place where all of the staff unwind and enjoy themselves. Employees can have a good time in between stressful days. And what makes it 10X cozy? Comfortable office furniture!

One thing is for sure, your employees don’t just go to the workplace break room for lunch. Instead, it’s a place where your staff may socialize and unwind from their workday. Employees who have had a long day at work will be able to stretch a little and close their eyes.

With that in mind, this detailed blog entails useful tips for choosing the right break room furniture to make it a safe haven in your workplace. 

Choosing Appropriate Office Furniture for The Break Room

A crazy work schedule results from the balance of physical and mental stress. You can seek advice from professionals and create a relaxing environment that will aid in increasing job productivity. If your old armchairs, cigar coolers, and sofas have gone all ragged, it’s time to invest in a new one for you and your team.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing break room furniture:

1.      Think of it as recharging and refueling elements for your team

Caffeine or a snack are generally the best remedies for the afternoon slump. To give your crew a burst of energy, provide a coffee maker, fridge, and pantry packed with healthy snacks.

These essential components are required in any break room. These items will also create a nice area for individuals to pause for lunch and socialize with their coworkers if they are included in your plan, or to get together over a cup of coffee for some impromptu cooperation. Employee morale and performance are directly affected by their level of comfort at work.

Moreover, snacking can assist employees to maintain a healthy blood sugar level while also potentially speeding up their metabolism. Recharging their batteries with a snack can boost productivity by revitalizing their thoughts and increasing attention.

Hunger-related fatigue and irritation at work may be avoided with easily available snacks and healthy drink alternatives.

2.      The oh-so-comfy couches!

Couches are an excellent choice for your break room since they are both snug and soothing. Workplace sofas, on the other hand, should be made of robust and high-quality material to endure the everyday pressure of individuals of all sizes and weights.

The furniture must be both pleasant and long-lasting. As a result, you should strike a balance between luxury and durability. You may pick luxury seating furniture to fulfill all of your needs.

Such couches and sofas can hold a large number of people and last for a long period. Furthermore, the furniture’s unobtrusive appearance might complement your workplace decor.

A bonus tip

If you want your sofa to have a more attractive appearance, use materials with long-lasting colors. The furniture should be long-lasting and comfortable. Furthermore, because it will be used in the workplace, you should use materials that are easy to clean. If you want to keep things clean, vinyl is a good option.

3.      Workplace dining options that are more comfortable

Before buying anything, Use your sofas, armchairs, and end tables to create a lounge area in your break room if you have the space—but keep in mind that most people will be there for refreshments. So, for every comfortable leather recliner or vibrantly colored wingback chair, you’ll need a variety of seats and surfaces where guests may eat their breakfasts, brunches, and lunches.

Most places benefit from break room settings. For example, a regency table and chair set have a small footprint and stackable seats. And it can be quickly moved away when not in use. Just keep in mind that circular tables should be at least five feet apart to allow for chairs and movement between them.

Seating height can also be adjustable. Include bar-height chairs to encourage individuals to stretch out and remain awake rather than lounge, relax, and maybe lose their train of thought.

A bonus tip

The break room can be a terrific location to collaborate—especially over coffee—so at least a few sitting alternatives that allow face-to-face discussions are a smart idea.

4.      Have versatility in mind

Remember that the break room will be used by individuals of different sorts. You don’t have to — and probably won’t be able to — pander to everyone, but you can provide break room furniture available at Heat Office that is versatile in its usage and function.

Consider offering small, transportable parts that may be adjusted as needed instead of permanent tables or built-in chairs. After all, not everyone wants to sit at the same table. Some people choose a secluded corner seat where they may avoid small conversations and relax in privacy.

All employees will be able to select a seat that matches their bodies as well as their personalities thanks to a combination of single and multi-seat alternatives that are both comfortable and rigid.

5.      What better than a relaxed environment for your staff

Workplace comfort is becoming increasingly important. Many employees are searching for the same privileges at their office after working from home for a long time. The break room is an ideal location to accomplish this.

Break room tables with plush sofas and seats are trendy in Singapore nowadays. A well-designed break room will include everything an employee needs, whether they are dropping in for lunch or to relax and unwind.

Employee morale and performance are directly affected by their level of comfort at work. We all know that comfort in the workplace can range from the building’s temperature to the availability of ergonomic seats and keyboards to the proper usage of colors.

However, including some of your favorite home furnishings in your break room furniture won’t harm you.

6.      Don’t forget office-appropriate armchairs

Although armchairs have many of the same problems as sofas, their smaller size allows you to mix and match more easily—and create a powerful design statement in the process.

Consider an eclectic mix of club chairs, beanbags, and ottomans if it fits your company’s aesthetic. Your break room may begin to feel less like an afterthought and more like a chic gastropub—and who wouldn’t want to relax and interact in such a place!

Of course, the advantages aren’t confined to looks. There will be something for everyone if you arrange a wide mix of comfy seating. Today you’re not feeling the bonded leather tub chair. No worries. Instead, take your laptop and relax in the chrome and velour lounge chair.

7.      Keep functionality ahead of everything

As mentioned earlier a break room’s main purpose is to provide a place for personnel to eat lunch or have a snack during their leisure time. As a result, in addition to comfy sofas or armchairs, you’ll need coffee machines and microwaves on tables or worktops. As a result, make sure your break room has all of the necessary features to make working life easier.

A break room in Singapore will have to accommodate several persons at various times during the day. Coffeemakers, tables, and seats will need to be given in bulk rather than individually for staff.

Smaller businesses, on the other hand, may be able to get away with only one table and chair set. In any case, it’s critical to incorporate break room furniture that is long-lasting, comfortable, and appropriate for the activities that will take place in the space.

8.      Remember flexibility

In most circumstances, a break room serves many purposes, ranging from a common area to a meeting space. That said, you’ll need to invest in movable seats so you may continually rearrange them to suit your needs.

So, what are the best pieces of furniture for a pleasant break room? You have numerous alternatives to pick from depending on your theme.

9.      Consider Aesthetics

Of course, no one wants to hide in a dark, dirty place. Just because break room furniture must be useful and adaptable does not imply it cannot be attractive. Attractive, well-made break room furniture will pull people in, encouraging them to use the space and, as a result, improving overall staff productivity.

10.      A way of reconnecting

One of the main reasons hybrid workers come to work is for this reason. There are only so many virtual meetings you can attend. Even if you communicate with your team every day, there’s something special about the energy in a face-to-face connection with no devices between you and them.

Your break room furnishings should provide a space for your staff to reconnect and reestablish these bonds. The break room tables should be set up in such a way that your team can gather comfortably.

Because, despite the fact that a break room table isn’t designed for meetings, the finest collaborations and ideas are frequently born when the appropriate people are in the right place.

Key takeaway

The notion of break rooms has developed throughout time. Professionals are all traveling in the same direction, and business spaces have evolved as well. Technological improvements have helped to make corporate environments more engaging.

Slight design modifications might assist to create a fantastic opportunity. Hence, a nice break room can also be an excellent location for brief meetings. As a result, you may select furnishings properly.

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