Never Buy Office Furniture Singapore Before Asking Your Furniture Supplier These 10 Important Questions

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The design creates culture; culture shapes values & values determine future (Robert Peters)

Buying Singapore office furniture can be a daunting task because such choices can considerably impact your workplace. When buying new furniture for an office setting, there are several aspects to contemplate. For instance, the probable effect of contemporary furniture on the office’s layout, how it influences employees’ productivity, and the expected budget you need for this purpose are vital factors.

Even after you Google’ office furniture supplier’ near your location, you will be presented with multiple other online websites and furniture stores on the first page. Surprisingly, all such stores and websites claim to offer top-quality office furniture at the most affordable rates. However, you need to decide after proper research and personal analysis.

So, don’t trust the words of every office furniture supplier you find online. Instead, it is preferable to prepare a list of critical questions to know whether to trust their words of mouth or not.

Remember, furniture is a long-term investment so buy it carefully to save your valuable time, money, and effort.

It’s perfectly alright if you have recently started a new venture purchasing Singapore office furniture for it for the first time. However, you need to ask some important questions first and decide once you are satisfied with the supplier’s answers.

Before we proceed further, let us briefly highlight the benefits of workplace ergonomics.

  • Ergonomics Lowers Cost

Investment in Ergonomics never goes wasted. According to the recent research findings by The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, buying ergonomics furniture for your office setting can help you in multiple ways.

  • Reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders by 59%.
  • Incident rate decreases by 65%.
  • Lost workdays lessen by more than 75%.
  • Restricted days reduce to 53%.
  • Workers’ compensation cost diminishes to 68%.
  • Cost per claim declines to 39%.
  • Labor cost eases to 43%.

You can save considerable costs that can be spent on other productive purposes, i.e., increasing employees’ salaries or introducing rewards for them, etc.

  • Ergonomics Makes Employees Productive

The finest ergonomics solutions will always boost employee productivity to its fullest. Therefore, choosing premium-quality and reliable office furniture guarantees good posture, declines exertion, and makes the workstation ideal for the employees.

Your employees feel 25% more energetic and efficient when you create a comfortable workplace.

  • Ergonomics Lowers Employees’ Turnover

Your employees always appreciate it when you prioritize their health and safety. In addition, if your employees don’t experience distress and exhaustion at work, it considerably decreases their turnover and absenteeism rate. As a result, your employees feel more enthusiastic and work with complete dedication.

  • Overall, employees’ turnover reduces to 48%.
  • Average employee absenteeism decreases by 58%

Hence, it is always suggested to invest in office ergonomics for your employees’ better physical and mental health.

Essential Questions to Ask from Office Furniture Suppliers

Indeed, you must discuss all significant concerns with furniture suppliers, but we have highlighted some main questions you can’t overlook at any cost.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It also has a more contemporary style thanks to the lightweight suspension mesh-back and chrome base. To provide a solid, It is one of the critical questions you must ask. Always choose reliable and well-reputed suppliers for office furniture Singapore who offer premium quality furniture supplier services for your office setting.

If you have chosen a renowned company for this purpose, they ensure on-time delivery of your order, provide satisfactory customer services, and guarantee timely repair and replacements.

If the furniture supplier company answers this question without any hesitation, you can trust their services without a doubt.

2. How Long it Takes You to Deliver and Install Office

If you need to install new office furniture for a specific event or meeting, then make sure the chosen company delivers furniture on a particular date. If a company fails to fulfill its commitments, you can never trust its services again.

Therefore, make sure to complete all the documented and written work. In addition, the furniture’s delivery and installation date must be mentioned in the documents to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

3. Can You Show References and Customer Testimonials?

The best thing about a trustworthy and famous furniture supplier company is that it never hesitates to share references and previous customers’ testimonials with potential customers. If a company fails to provide you with references or testimonials, you should avoid trusting the company’s services.

The Internet is an ideal source to check the reviews and ratings of the selected company. So, visit their website to discover more about their services and reliability.

Remember, a lack of online presence and positive rating is a red flag for you, and you don’t need to trust the company’s words only.

Pro Tip: Don’t shy away from contacting the businesses they have already served in. It is the best way to decide whether to consider their services or you need to look for some other suppliers near to your vicinity.

4. Do You Offer Multiple Varieties of Products?

The reliable furniture suppliers always offer a versatile range of products to meet the distinctive design needs of customers ideally. Therefore, you must prepare the list of furniture you need in the first place. Then, it is recommended to choose the design after considering the nature of the business, your office space, and your existing d├ęcor. For instance, there are different types of tables for an office setting. But, you have to choose an office table Singapore according to the number of employees. Once you are sure about the earlier discussed factors, you can easily ask about the preferred design or furniture type.

5. Do You Cover All Office Spaces?

Office spaces include different rooms, including a waiting area, reception room, meeting room, conference room, workstation, breakout areas for the employees, etc. Therefore, the chosen furniture suppliers must be capable enough to furnish and decorate all these office spaces as per your requirements and business needs.

6. Is it possible for You to Explain the Entire Installation and Purchase Process?

The professional Singapore office furniture suppliers always explain the entire process (from installation to final purchase) and communicate appropriately to avoid any inconvenience in the future. In addition, they should discuss everything with you, including the expected time required for furniture installation and the expected budget.

If furniture suppliers fail to answer these fundamental questions, you shouldn’t put your money and time at stake. Instead, you can look for other suppliers. But, again, the Internet is the best way to make the entire search process easier for you.

7. What if the Furniture is Not Up to the Mark?

Sometimes, things come up differently, and you feel disappointed because they don’t meet your expectations. Whether the provided furniture has some major issue or a minor one, the furniture suppliers must be able to address those issues timely without any delay.

Additionally, they should replace and repair the damaged furniture without wasting time. So, ask the suppliers about the warranty process and ensure everything is well-written and adequately documented.

8. What Makes You Different Than Other Furniture Suppliers?

Interestingly, buyers have many options to contemplate while buying furniture for an office setting. Therefore, it is imperative to ask suppliers what makes them stand out from the crowd? Learn more about their unparalleled services, specialties, general prices, product range, customer testimonials, comprehensive warranty, cancellation, refund, replacement policies, etc.

Keep in mind the company should keep all such things transparent because its clients’ right to know everything about the suppliers to avoid spam or fraud.

9. What is the Overall Warranty of Your Furniture?

Furniture’s durability is one of the significant factors you can’t overlook at any cost. Hence, discuss the furniture’s warranty with the supplier before buying it. Generally, employees spend 8 to 10 hours in their office and sit down maximum time on their chairs. So, it is necessary to choose durable furniture to ensure maximum comfort for the employees. It is useless to buy expensive furniture if it doesn’t make your employees comfortable and does not ensure long-lasting durability.

10. Which Furniture Style Will Ideally Meet My Company’s Requirement?

No doubt, its individual preference varies from company to company according to their business type. Usually, various factors include floor space, your company’s culture, clients, and business type. So, there is no harm in asking for the furniture type, colors, and design options to see which furniture type is best for your company and makes it look elegant.

You must check all the available options before the ultimate decision.

Make Your Office Comfy and a Desirable Place with Top-Quality Office Furniture Singapore

The exquisite design combined with functionalities is something that attracts everyone.

Choosing office furniture suppliers is not a simple decision you can take in a hurry. Your employees spend maximum time in the office, so the chosen furniture must ensure comfort. Moreover, the employees must be physically fit and mentally active.

We recommend you make your final decision after asking all these questions we mentioned earlier. You don’t need to trust words of mouth only because it can put your money at stake.

          Choose the furniture with ease of comfort!!!

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