Open Concept Office Vs Closed Concept Office: Which Is Better and Why?

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Office Furniture

The style of an office typically represents the kind of company, its guiding principles, and work environment.

One of the important considerations while conceptualizing the space is whether it should have an open floor plan or a closed one with tiny cubicles and dividers.

To assist you in choosing what is best for your organization, we outline the advantages and disadvantages of each type. read on to know what’s the best option for you.

Open Concept Office: An Overview

Instead of having staff work from cubicles or cellular offices, open plan offices make use of the available space. Long rows of desks with hardly any divides or separators are typical in open-plan offices. There are few desktops and floor-standing screens as well.

Additionally, open workplaces frequently have areas where workers may gather, such as lounges with couches or open kitchen areas with lots of comfortable or break-out seating.

Some open-plan workplaces offer recreation spaces with things like ping-pong tables and table football. These spaces aid in employee relaxation, which lowers stress and improves general welfare.

Essential elements:

  • Few (or no) desktop or floor standing screens.
  • Rows of desks with employees seated side by side and facing each other.
  • Profound linguistic exchanges between workers and employers.
  • Ambient lighting: the absence of walls and other barriers frequently lets in natural light.


  • In comparison to a closed office plan, this type of arrangement can accommodate more employees per square foot and provides optimal space use.
  • To create a unique and functional arrangement, modular desk units are available in a variety of forms and can be arranged in a number of different configurations.
  • The nicest aspect of an open plan design is that it gives the architect more freedom to express their creativity in creating a lively and energizing working environment.
  • Employee collaboration is facilitated more easily by an open workplace layout.
  • Because more individuals can use the same printer, for example, open floor patterns help reduce the cost of office supplies.
  •  There is no requirement to purchase a different machine for every division. The corporation thus makes savings.


  • Because of ongoing conversations among employees and outside noise, an open office plan can be noisy (like phone calls, keyboard sounds, etc.). Lack of barriers can lead to distractions and may interfere with workers’ ability to focus.

Closed Concept Office: An Overview

A closed office creates distinct offices for each team or employee utilizing screens or solid barriers to facilitate both individual and teamwork. By creating distinct rooms and giving each team member their own area, this style of office can also support each department inside the business.

It can be incorrectly neglected and viewed as “old hat” in favor of the more “trendy” and well-known open plan option due to the fit out cost implications of building a closed office, such as stud walls, separate air conditioning units, and doors.

Essential elements

  • Separate workstations and mobile offices.
  • Better acoustics or less noise than an open-plan office.
  • A number of screens and room barriers designating workstations
  • Limited verbal exchanges between workers and employers.


  • The main benefit of a closed office layout is that it guarantees each employee a peaceful and private space. This is preferable for businesses where employees must work on crucial materials that call for undivided attention.
  • Flu and other airborne illnesses are more difficult for everyone to contract in a closed office setting. There is still a danger of spreading a disease, particularly if an individual is absent from work due to illness. However, spreading is less likely when each person has their own workspace.
  • There will also be fewer opportunities for communication in a closed-plan office. This prevents employees from mingling and causing a distraction for those who require a peaceful environment to complete their work.
  • People are more considerate of one another’s personal space in a formal setting like this, and the custom of politely asking for people’s time during interactions contributes to a calmer, more serene atmosphere.


  • Because additional walls and doors must be made for each cubicle, a closed office tends to cost more to construct. Additionally, the expense of independently lighting, cooling, and maintaining each chamber increases.
  • The interpersonal interactions among coworkers are less robust because each employee is secluded in their cubicle, a factor that is vital in one’s professional life.

Open Concept Vs Closed Concept for Office Furnishing & Design

Open workplaces are clearly a practical concept because they promote shared knowledge, increase collaboration, and allow for space savings. However, a lot of them result in employee rejection to the point where they miss their old closed offices.

Open offices may be the best representation of a contemporary business and the ideal layout for collaborative work, but they are not the best for fostering focus and, consequently, productivity.

The continual interruptions from phone calls, office chatter, and other activities prohibit the creation of a focused environment where the employee can perform at his best.

One of the unavoidable drawbacks of open plans is the continual noise, and as a result, more and more individuals are becoming disenchanted with the office distractions created by these arrangements.

In today’s workplaces, collaboration is unquestionably crucial, yet too much interaction can also significantly lower productivity and wellbeing.

Designing workspaces that strike a balance between the need for interaction among coworkers and quiet periods to focus or simply make a personal phone call is one way to address this issue.

In order to do this, a growing number of businesses have started to incorporate soundproof booths and more private spaces in open offices.

How can one concentrate while maintaining team spirit?

All projects have various needs during their lifespans, and by keeping this in mind, we think it is feasible to focus (without giving up anything crucial!)

For instance, brainstorming in groups is typically faster and easier, but the implementation stage, or even the very next step in the process, can benefit greatly from some private time.

The good news is that a lot of architects who have created illustrious corporate offices claim that the most efficient open layouts feature a lot of meeting pods, office phone booths, and secluded spaces for intense concentration.

Therefore, you can have everyone succeed at the same time by keeping an eye on the stage the project is in and who in the team has to focus the most.

Open And Closed Office Layouts Combined Concept

A combination of both open and closed office designs has been discovered by many businesses to be the ideal option for their workplace layout. To make this work, quiet areas must be established so those who want a serene environment can work efficiently.

This can be accomplished by combining an open office style with privacy pods, creating personal space sections, and providing more cozy seating areas in a quiet area (similar to a closed office layout).

In the end, your staff’s output will decide not only the culture in your workplace but also the success of your company. The ability to work is the most crucial factor in determining productivity. and to concentrate.

All excellent teams are comprised of various individuals, each of whom brings their own distinct way of thinking and set of skills to the table. Additionally, no single design can satisfy all of their specifications.

Finding the ideal balance between productivity and cooperation may hold the key to improving everyone’s quality of life. While some people perform better in open offices, others will always perform much better in more private rooms and meeting pods.

a high value on the aforementioned criteria.

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