Slim Panel System Workstation

by | Aug 10, 2021 | System Workstation Series

Ergonomically Developed Slim Panel System Workstation

Our Slim Panel System Workstation product line is ergonomically developed and has been shown to boost efficiency through optimal blood flow and avoid backache with proper lumbar support. It has been shown to avoid major injuries such as backbone disk slide. A fatigued back from sitting for too long, or a head rush after working for hours, reduces efficiency.

We ensure and increase staff efficiency and backache avoidance because your job is fully dependent on these elements. Heat Office furniture is designed to maximize human body mechanics by placing the body to allow natural spinal posture while working and so allowing it to perform optimally.

Our slim panel workstation system has a wide range of surface material possibilities, is extremely configurable, and has an excellent fit and finish. Stackable and destackable frames provide variable degrees of visual and aural seclusion. Hinged or pocket doors are provided for areas that require more seclusion. Frameless glass dividers, full-height tiles that don’t require base trim, and extended top caps that decrease seams allow you to further tailor your area.

Prominent Features

Heat Office workstation systems provide a complete answer for today’s workplace space management requirements. The viewpoint that develops community places outside of workstations is mobile and dynamic. As a result, it will complement any current interior design.

Our collection makes a workstation come to life. Mobile and agile, it may be customized in tables, desks, table extensions, and workstations. We provide wherever they are.

  • Installation and management simplicity
  • Parts that are completely integrated
  • Space Planning Flexibility
  • Customization in Lamination/Polish selection
  • Provision for Wire Management
  • Reconfiguration is adaptable.
  • Upholstery selection customization

Optimus Clip on 16mm Divide Panel

Cuctsom to your preference

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