What Is the Impact of Office Furniture on Productivity?

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“Furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful” (Rose Tarlow: Interior Designer). 

Image matters in a business. The way you present yourself to clients impacts their perception of your business. When a client visits your organization, the first thing that will impress him is the ambience. So, your office must be designed in a way that should reflect the image you want to project to your client. Indeed, no one can deny the significance of office furniture and its design. Modern and classy furniture looks elegant and inspires trust in clients. Investment for a supportive environment not only facilitates productivity but also optimizes profits.

Do you want to know how office furniture improves the employees’ productivity?

Investment in Ergonomics is the Right Investment

Like any other factor, office ergonomics also influence the performance of an employee in any organization. Ergonomic furniture is purposely designed according to a user’s comfort and ideally meets the requirements of a workplace. Also, it provides support to your employees throughout their working hours by reducing any physical distraction. As a result, employees can perform their assigned tasks with complete concentration and attention. Also, they feel less tired and more energetic. 

There are endless ways to incorporate ergonomics in the workplace, but the focus is usually on office chairs, desks, tables and related accessories (including footrest mats etc.)

Let’s start with Office Chairs!

Employees spend most of their time on the seat. Amazingly, task chairs come with surprising customized features, including seat depth, lumbar support, seat tilt, armrest adjustment, etc. 

According to a recent research study by the University of South California, the use of an ergonomic task chair leads to minor orthopedic damage. Furthermore, providing the right chair and ergonomic furniture improves an employee’s productivity by more than 18%.

Mobility is another vital factor that determines the performance of an employee in any business setting. Too much sitting is unhealthy for everyone, including your employees. Additionally, sitting for 6 to 8 hours during working hours increases anxiety and stress among your employees. Furthermore, your employees feel restless and are unable to concentrate (Association of Psychological Science). Surprisingly, the Just Stand Index Report states that 16% of restless employees waste their time on social media, 23% surf the web needlessly, and 61% move around for no particular reason. The wasted minutes can affect your business as employees productivity goes down this way.

So, is there any practical way to increase the movement in the office?

Gladly, yes!

The introduction of a height-adjustable desk makes it easier for the employees to change their posture without any substantial effort. Using a sit-stand desk improves your employees’ productivity by more than 46%. The freedom to sit and stand freely prevents restlessness and fatigue among a company’s employees. There is a lot more to contemplate when you talk about office ergonomics. Usually, adjustable monitor arms, foot mats and footrests are considered the essential accessories to boost-up mental alertness among employees.  

One shouldn’t overlook investing in office accessories because without comfortable furniture, an employee can feel great discomfort in his limbs and back. A tired body makes a person less vigorous, and a person pays no heed to new tasks. Also, your employees become less viable than others.

Why Should You Invest in Office Furniture?

As mentioned earlier, office furniture boosts your employees’ productivity impressively.

However, here are some other key reasons for investing in office furniture, especially when you have started a new set-up.

  • Boring Furniture Makes Employees Unmotivated

Boring office furniture makes your employees less motivated. Generally, employees work without any interest when they are surrounded by boring furniture. As a result, they fail to impress their managers and the chances of getting incentives decreases. 

Additionally, if someone fails to perform well during working hours, he will more likely lack productivity at home. Sadly, the efficiency at social places is not an exception here because everything gets affected when a person doesn’t work comfortably in his organization.

  • Lively Colours Bring Passion

Do you know why most of the offices choose furniture in bright colours?

The reason is quite apparent, i.e., vibrant colours lift a person’s mood primarily after a hectic routine. It is a fantastic way to lessen stress as well as augment workplace performance. 

According to research findings by InfomeDesign, colours can significantly impact an employee’s mood, attitude, and productivity level. Also, The Wall Street Journal states that organizations must try to give home-type feel to employees. It is the best way to motivate them. 

That’s why; the introduction of bright colour furniture is also considered the best investment because lively colours keep your employees engaged and energetic. 

Designates Different Spaces

Office furniture introduces ‘designated space’ or ‘zones’ for the employees. Every organization has specialized needs for a particular space. The right office furniture can create spaces in a workplace for teamwork, incubation, interaction, and individual spaces when an employee needs some space for relaxation and peace. The availability of a wide variety of workspaces makes your employees feel comfortable, and they perform better. 

  • Right Furniture Decides Lighting

Surprisingly, natural light profoundly affects the employee’s work effectively in any organization.  Employees’ direct exposure to natural elements always increases their serotonin levels. As a result, they feel happier and perform with full zeal and zest. Cornell’s research findings showed that employees exposed to natural light experienced an 84% decline in issues, including blurred vision, headaches, and eyestrain. Also, the University of Oregon confirms strong interconnectivity between the quality of the view from a person’s desk and exposure to direct natural light.

Ergonomics office furniture makes it easier for you to shift your workspaces so that they can better integrate more natural and sunlight. 

  • Cleanliness Refreshes an Employee’s Mind

Indeed, comfortable furniture matters, but cleanliness also plays a vital role in keeping employees positive and relaxed. According to Staples Corporation, 94% of employees feel productive in a clean environment. An unorganized and unclean office never encourages your employees to work with full enthusiasm and interest. 

Conversely, a well-adjusted and clean office motivates workers to work with proper attention as cleanliness is half faith, relaxing a person’s mind.

  • Keeps Items Handy

Keep in mind that, an organized office always grabs everyone’s attention. However, it is equally important to keep items handy. Always keep office accessories (including printers) in an accessible place so that they can be used without any discomfort. 

Sometimes, your employees find it challenging to leave their place and go to an additional place for finishing a specific task. 

That’s why; we recommend you keep items handy as they help your employees finish their tasks in less time.

Great Furniture Makes a Great Office

Based on the preceding discussion, it is evident that the right office furniture plays a significant role in improving employees’ productivity in any organization. Creating a supportive work environment that encourages your staff to perform complicated tasks with full interest is essential. 

Investing in quality office furniture augments the value of a workplace and shows professionalism. Undoubtedly, it makes your employees feel valued, and they perform their tasks with complete integrity. 

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose quality furniture for your office that provides comfort to your employees.


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