Custom Furniture Suppliers in Singapore

Prepare to experiment, modify, and create any piece of furniture that inspires you. Let’s work together to make your ideas a reality by rolling up our sleeves!

Our skilled design team collaborates with clients to conceptualize, sketch, and create furniture items that fit their environments in order to bring ideas to life. Since we produce everything in-house, we can offer specialized solutions that are tailored to each project. We pay special attention to the little things and use an inventive approach to bring custom concepts to life quickly.

Our Advantages

The most trustworthy partner for your custom furniture project will be Heat Office. With many years of experience in the high-end bespoke furniture industry, we are constantly creating new, stylish goods for our clients throughout Singapore.

We can meet the unique needs of various groups of individuals thanks to our skilled team and knowledgeable furniture production team. Why does everyone trust us so much? As we never lose concentration, we consider ourselves to be professionals.

Our focus is on offering furniture of the highest caliber.

Our Professional Team includes Account Managers, Project Managers, and Designers.

Project management from beginning to end to achieve project goals.

Integrated Services

All of your demands can be met at once by browsing our furniture catalog. We provide hassle-free collaboration from comprehending your plans to delivering finished tasks on time.

  • Product warranty of up to 60 months.
  • Dedicated service providers for prompt product assembly and delivery.

Custom Furniture for Designers

You can provide your design/furniture list after your 3D or hand-drawn draft is complete. Following that, we will provide you with a quote and construct your designed item.

Custom Furniture for Builder/Contractor

Are you still having trouble finding a design team or other supporter you can depend on to submit bids for projects? Do you need a factory that can offer all the furniture at once with no MOQ for private use? Heat Office is the way to go!

Custom Furniture for Private Use

Do you want the same or a comparable type of furniture to what other vendors are displaying? Do you worry that sometimes you won’t be able to meet the MOQ? We offer furniture customization for private office use.

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