Covid19 Preventive Acrylic Divider (Foodcourt, Canteen)

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   To cope with the latest development of Corona virus epidemic, we’ve the pleasure to introduce you our new product:                                                  the MULTI-PURPOSE ACRYLIC SHIELD                                           Featured In: SHOUT.SG                                                                                            As the Circuit Breaker Phrase will soon be lifted, inevitably there is a need of close contacting while having our meals in Foodcourt, Hawker Centre, Restaurant & even office pantry. This brings the worry of infections. In view of the future situation and also based on the requirement of our customers, we are introducing the Multi-Purpose Acrylic Shield, it has feature of below:

1. The divider (act as a barrier) is about 500 / 600 mm above Table , effectively reducing the risk of infections from the direct conversation and contact.
2. The divider is made from pure transparent acrylic, no barrier to the field of version.
3. The divider is easy to assemble and applicable to any kinds Flat Surface.
4. No Drilling needed, no damages to the furniture, easy to assemble and disassemble.
5. Easy to clean Acrylic Divider (Friendly for Whiteboard markers)
6. Customer may choose to use our standard divider or other-customized sizes.
7. Purchase in loose components and raw material to accommodate various individual sizes are welcome too.
8. Cost of acrylic divider is affordable.


  • Standalone 600W x 600H
  • Standalone 900W x 600H
  • Standalone 1200W x 600H
  • Cross + Shaped 1200W x 600W x 600H (4 Pax)
  • Cross + shaped 1200W x 1200W x 600H (4 Pax)
  • Cross + shaped 1800W x 1200W x 600H (6 Pax)
  • Cross + Shaped 1800W x 1200W x 600H (6 Pax)
  • Thickness: 3 / 4 / 5 mm
  • Customize available


  • Frameless Transparent Acrylic
  • Zinc Alloyed Clips

Lead Time Standard Dimension: Ready Stock Custom Pre Order: ard 1-2.5 Weeks

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