Fibreglass Canteen Table


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Product Material:

Table Top / Seat comes in multi-layer plywood, moulding board, fibreglass, joinery board, aluminium, surface fire prevention board etc for customers to choose and custom from. Glass fiber cloth composite with glass fiber reinforced plastic, chemical reaction between a 12 mm thick layer of high density board, surface coating wear-resisting gel twice, reach 15mmThk, Wear-Resisting, Corrosion Resistance, Impact Resistance, Crack Resistance too. The Fibreglass Outdoor Table Tops by Polytop Products are engineered using a UV stabilized glass reinforced plastic laminating process, which results in an attractive, very durable waterproof top.

Production Technology:

The Steel Pipe surface after oil, rust removal. Finish with Spray phosphating, electrostatic plastic + High temperature curing. Welding part adopts co2 gas shielded welding, welding slag, weld joints to create a beautiful finish. Seat panel is made of sandwich plate hot pressing forming and fire prevention board surface press