High Pantry / Cafe Furniture


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Aesthetically Pleasing

Creating the right ambience and an atmosphere that reflects your brand that acts as the catalyst for a great customer experience is just as important as the food and drink you serve. Whether you have a café, bistro, restaurant, canteen or pantry, if you’re customers are not relaxed, comfortable and can relate to the atmosphere you’ve carefully crafted to match your brand, their experience isn’t going to encourage their return. We always offer the best prices available on furniture and regularly update our customers with the latest offers on our cafe furniture ranges. As well as the pricing for cheap individual products, you’ll save even more through bulk orders.


Dimension:  * Customization Available.

Square Table: 600W x 600W x 1050H
Round Table: DIA 600W x 1050H
Rect Table: 1200W x 600D x 1050H

Metal Base Col: L.Grey / D.Grey / White / Black


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