Dozo Office Mesh Chair Series – Backrest / Headrest


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Office Chairs with Headrest and Backrest

One of Heat Office’s most useful ergonomic office chairs are the ones with headrest. When the worker is seated in a reclining position, the headrest helps to support the neck and lessen neck muscle activation. The chair has a tilt locking mechanism with four positions for maximum lumbar support. The management chair’s back and seat are made of breathable mesh, which improves airflow.

Office chairs with backrest are yet another piece of furniture that is essential. To meet the needs of various offices, this piece of furniture is offered in a variety of forms and styles. The majority of swiveling executive chairs are seen in workplaces. However, various chair kinds are also utilized in offices.

Do Executive Chairs with Headrest Make Sense?

You might be debating whether it’s wise to spend your money on the comfort of an executive chair. An executive chair with headrest is a wise investment because it conveys a visitor’s perception of an executive’s class and authority. Buy one of them from Singapore’s most reputable brand to provide long-lasting comfort while sitting for extended periods of time.

Get the ergonomic support that is both straightforward and beautiful. Its headrest follows your every move and supports your head and neck in any position without the need for manual adjustment.

Prominent Features

  • Recognizes your individual pressure spots to provide continuous comfort and encourage healthy activity throughout the day.
  • The armrests move with you as you recline and rise from the chair since they are affixed to the back.
  • Engineered to continue working flawlessly even after years of regular use.
  • Net positive accreditation indicates that each product reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Promise

we offer wide range of stylish furnishings without compromising on comfort. we have made heavy investment into research and development to incorporate a balance blend of ergonomics and aesthetics into our products. With the demand of high quality furniture, we are confident that we are able to fulfill the various requirements, through our quality products, knowledgeable consultants and exceptional after-sale service.


  • Executive Mesh Chair
  • Executive Visitor Mesh Chair (Cantilever Base)
  • Office Staff Mesh Chair



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  • Chair Frame: Highly durable industrial grade PA, PU and PP plastics
  • Guide Shaft: Chrome / PP Plastic
  • Gas Lift: Chrome
  • Chair Legs: Chrome / Nylon
  • Castors: PU Plastic / Nylon
  • Mesh: Fabric
  • Cushion upholstery: Fabric / Synthetic Leather / Half or Full Leather
  • Foam: Best selected quality



1 year Mechanism

Lead Time

1 – 3 weeks


Download Dozo Series Catalog 


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